t-rockets are developed on the toughest trails in Africa. 

They are tested, used and crafted by a dedicated team of minimalist runners.

t-rockets are handmade in South Africa. 

Why Choose Us?

The evolution of t-rockets is a story of tinkering. Of trial and error. Of trail and road. We keep searching for the best materials and best designs allowing unfettered natural movement with excellent wear characteristics. 

t-rockets evolved through harsh tests – ultra marathons and ultra trails (you can read some of these stories at t-rockets blog). This heritage means that t-rockets are well placed as everyday sandals that capture the “out there” spirit and give a sense of the power of natural foot performance. This is the essence of our search. Our feet work better when free … and strong.

t-rockets are hand built in a boutique factory in South Africa. Each t-rocket sandal is unique and may show minor variations from one shoe to the next. This is the nature of the beast.

All t-rockets are made with great care and are only presented for use knowing that each sandal encompasses the best we can offer.

Get yours, wear them, live them and tell your story.

Be out there!